How Key Copy Works!

Key copy or key duplication is the most commonly requested service for us over at Cincinnati Locksmith. Coincidentally, when people come in for a rekeying service, they often ask us two similar questions “What is that loud grinding noise?” and “How does that machine work?” So to answer both of these questions we’ve created this blog to show just how key copy works! key duplication

The Key Copy Process!

1. Set Up – the First step you will need to do is set everything up. You will need the key and the blank. You will need to open up the housing and place the blank on the inner vice and align it identically to how you will align the key on the outside. Once you’ve identically set up both keys, it’s time to bring the house down make sure the track is aligned. The track is the rail that sets the cutting blade and the guide.

2. Follow Through – When you are ready to start the machine, push the bottom rail in as far as you can. Then turn the machine on. You will slowly pull the rail towards you following the guide. The guide is going to set on the grooves of the original key. The cutting blade being in line with the guide will be slicing the copy with the corresponding grooves of the guide. This is what creates that awful grinding noise as steel is cutting away copper.

3. Finish – Once you’ve completely cut away the key, we recommend one last push through which can catch any places that might not have been cut to perfection. Once you remove the key, we recommend using steelkey copy wool to remove any metal that is sticking out. You want to have a smooth key, not one that can catch on people’s clothes or skin.

Cincinnati Locksmith

That’s it! That’s the key copy process in a nutshell. If you are ever in Cincinnati and are looking for the best locksmith services in Ohio, make sure to give us a call at (513) 427-8222!